Icon Baby

I have a birthday next week. Not just any ordinary birthday. My best friend in the whole world has turned 3. A whole 3 years old. Now when I say 3 she’s actually turned 21 as she is a low lighted Cavapoo named Fifi. Fifi has a flare for the dramatics and insists her party is Hollywood glamour themed. I know, bit excessive for a doggy bday, but she’s my best friend so why not! Only problem is, what’s the appropriate attire for an icon like Fifi’s party? I can’t outshine her but I need to look like the hostess with the mostess. Rose Tint Retro… That’s where I usually get my glamour puss garments so let’s check it out! Oh sweet baby Marilyn! The Monroe Dress is absolutely perfect (insert heart eyes emoji) and not to mention the Audrey sunglasses! #OutshiningFifi #CavaCouture

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